The Architect's Studio: Cave_Bureau
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The Architect's Studio: Cave_Bureau
Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
29 June until 26 November 2023

The sixth and final exhibition in The Architect's Studio series at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art presents work by the Kenyan architectural studio Cave_bureau. The work of Cave_bureau's two architects, Kabage Karanja and Stella Mutegi is all about reversed
futurism. Only by delving into, and learning about the past can one create sustainable solutions for the future. The previous presentations featured in the series gave visitors the opportunity to enjoy a behind the scenes glimpse of architecture firms and architects in the pre-construction process. This time, we are there from the outset, starting with the definition of the values on which Cave_bureau base their work as architects. We are brought back a million years in time to the landscapes that formed the setting for the origins of humankind, before proceeding to other later events that partly paved the way for the time of upheaval, in which we live today-the Anthropocene.
Cave_bureau base their work on millions of years old volcanic caves around Nairobi, which contain important testimonies to Kenya's history. This was where the first hominids lived during the colonial age and East African slaves and freedom fighters passed through these subterranean caves. In other words, they house vital milestones in the progression of the planet to the Anthropocene, the era in which humankind's influence on nature is now all too visible.

Source: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art
Images: Installation Views. Photo: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art/Kim Hansen