Munch Museum
Edvard Munchs plass 1
0194 Oslo
Mon - Tue: 10 am- 6pm
Wed - Fri: 10am- 9pm
Tel: + 47 23 49 35 00
Munch Museum
The MUNCH, designed by award-winning architects estudio Herreros, is one of the world’s largest museums dedicated to a single artist. Eleven new exhibition halls allow visitors to access the most extensive collection of works by Edvard Munch in the world, spanning over 26,700 works. Highlights in the new museum include monumental mural paintings including The Sun (1909), which stretches nearly 8 meters, as well as several versions of Munch’s iconic work, The Scream, including an early study in pastel from 1893 and a later painted version from 1910.

Beautifully located on the edge of the Fjord, the museum transforms Oslo's skyline. It has been created as a nod to Edvard Munch’s connection to the Norwegian landscape and his penchant for painting outside in all seasons.

MUNCH’s collection, the core of which Edvard Munch donated to the city of Oslo upon his death, includes over half of Munch’s known works, including over 26,700 paintings, prints, photographs, drawings and watercolours by the artist, ranging from 1873 to 1944.

The MUNCH is both a cultural and architectural highlight, and should not be missed when visiting Oslo.

Source: MUNCH
Images © Einar Aslaksen