Home to soul-stirring basalt peaks, some of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet, golden beaches, and spirited communities, who are deeply connected with the natural environment, São Tomé and Príncipe are truly special. The islands blend natural wonders with a gripping history in an intriguing way. Once the world's largest producer of cacao, they were known as ”the chocolate islands."
Sundy Praia is nestled in the jungle on the shore of a pristine beach. Inspired by the wood-panelled fishermen’s huts that once stood in this sheltered nook above the beach, the tented villas at Sundy Praia exist in harmony with their lush, forest surroundings. Vast floor-to-ceiling sliding doors bring the outside in and offer sweeping views of the sea. Each villa has a distinct personality and a strong sense of purpose. All villas have stunning bathrooms that feature freestanding granite bathtubs with views of the jungle. Aligned with Sundy Praia's ethos of sustainable development, most oils and creams are handmade at Sundy Praia's organic farm, Paciência, led by the local community.
Let yourself be immersed in this natural wonder of what appears to be untouched beauty. With coordinates of 1ºN, 7ºE, you are not only as close to the center of the world as possible, you also feel as if you've arrived in paradise.

Images: HBD Principe