Welcome to Salento
Time is said to go slower in the South. For the heel of Italy this surely holds true. Much less known than regions like Tuscany or Liguria, Puglia is still somewhat of a well-kept secret. Over the past years, tourism has gently found its way into this region of Italy. Mass tourism, high rise buildings or tourist buses will not be found here. In the countryside, old masserias have been restored into stylish hotels, townhouses have been lovingly renovated and numerous restaurants and cozy cafes have opened up to cater to the increasing number of tourists.

The southernmost part of Puglia, is home to the "Salento", a magnificent place for culture seekers and beach lovers alike. Italy's heel, once a hub of trade between Europe and the Orient, boasts an impressive cultural heritage. Gallipoli, Otranto, and Lecce are just a few of the many beautiful cities waiting to be discovered.

The people are friendly and relaxed. As common in Italy, good food also enjoys a very high priority in Salento.The region boasts a plethora of excellent local produce and is proud supporter of the "Slow Food" movement. Whether its burrata, figs, oranges or fresh seafood- only regional delicacies find their way into the kitchen.

Framed on three sides by the sea, Salento is blessed with beautiful beaches. The variety surprises: rocky cost lines, grottos, pine tree seemed shorelines, or magnificent white sandy beaches. Whichever you decide to opt for you will be astounded by the crystal clear water.
Lecce, a true pearl of italian baroque was an important center of trade in roman times. Today, beautiful buildings and palaces made of Lecceser tuff line the streets. The unique stone originating in this area, dips the city into a shining white, bright red or warm gold light- depending on the time of day.

The amphitheater Teatro Romano, the duomo Sant' Oronzo as well as elaborate palaces and magnificent churches are all testament to Lecce's golden times.

The city center invites you to stroll around and discover shops offering local crafts and specialties, as many excellent restaurants, cafes and trattorias await to spoil you with local delicacies.