A small piece of paradise
Already as a young girl, Priti Henseler discovered the particular magic of chocolate. Having grown up in India, far away from home she cherished the special occasions when visitors from afar arrived bringing gifts in form of precious chocolates.

In 2002, long after having returned to Germany, she founded Götterspeise, her "happy place", thereby creating a little piece of paradise not just for herself but also for many others. In the midst of Munich's lively Glockenbach neighborhood her Chocolaterie & Cafe lets chocolate lovers hearts skip a beat.

Stepping into her magical store you immediately plunge into an unparalleled world of sweet delights. Lovingly arranged with great attention to detail, unique pralines, fine chocolates and sweet delicacies seduce you to indulge. Exquisite teas, hot chocolates in all variations and delicious coffees make you want to linger a bit in this little piece of heaven. Enjoy your favorite drink accompanied by a piece of cake or a praline or two, and your visit to this chocolate lover's paradise will be one, which will not soon be forgotten.

If you want to take some of the magic home with you or are looking for a special gift- no problem. Although it may be difficult deciding just which of the selected wines or other specialties to choose.