Kanelbullar & coffee
Kanelbullar, the cinnamon roll, is the Swedes favorite pastry and they are quite passionate about it. It is impossible to imagine a Swedish cafe or bakery without kanelbullar. The delicacy is made of yeast, flour, milk, butter, cinnamon and cardamon and garnished with coarse sugar crystals. It is an essential part of the daily "fika". Which brings us to the next essential point- coffee. Swedes are quite frequently "att fika", meaning on a coffee break. Coffee, which is enjoyed at all hours of the day and night, is considered a staple food in Sweden. Dark roasts are preferred. If you are used to regular coffee- be aware ! Swedish coffee is seriously strong, which is why drinking it at night may not be the best idea for "non-Swedes".

By the way, October 4th is official "Kannelbullar Dag". Yes, it's cinnamon roll day ! A good opportunity to grab a kannelbullar and some coffee and have a relaxed "fika".