I have been very fortunate in my life to get the chance to travel frequently. Always with me on every trip was a small leather-bound notebook filled with the addresses of my favorite places.

Along the way i have met many exceptional people, who run unique businesses, hotels or restaurants with a great passion. It is this passion to which we owe the fact that we can buy our favorite cashmere sweater "made to order". That we can discover beautiful products, produced with much love and great care from traditional manufacturers. That we can check into our favorite hotel, whose attentive service immediately makes us feel at home. And that we are served a "just perfect" cappuccino each and every time we step into that cute little cafe.

My experience, discoveries and countless suitcases packed to the rim with precious things, have inspired me to create TROVELLI, a carefully curated collection of stores, hotels, restaurants and cultural highlights around the world. A collection, which embodies authenticity, style, high quality and passion. And a place "online", where you can let yourself be carried away and get inspired for future "offline" adventures.

Take a short “time out“ from the hustle and bustle of the day. Perhaps you will find a beautiful hotel or a cozy little bistro to visit on your next city trip. Maybe you will stumble upon the perfect gift for that special someone. Or for yourself. Most likely though, you will have discovered something new and special and maybe even brought a little bit of Florence or Stockholm to your home.

TROVELLI is dedicated to preserving beauty & authenticity and promoting diversity and sustainability, so that we can enjoy beautiful products, unique hotels and culinary highlights not only now, but for many years to come.

Angelika Kipp

We celebrate the exceptional.

At TROVELLI you will never find hundreds of products from all kinds of stores. What you will find is a carefully curated selection of individual stores and products, beautiful hotels and unique restaurants. That is luxury.

Discover. Be unique. Be TROVELLI