Cradle of the Renaissance
Florence is a city abundant with art and beauty, which it owes mainly to one particular family. The Medici, who ruled the city almost without interruption from 1434 to 1743 (without actually ever being elected) are Florence's most well known family. They gave many famous artworks in comission with known artists of the time and helped the city gain enormous wealth. During their rule Florence was living in a period of great wealth, built numerous magnificant palazzi and decorated churches with elaborate works of art. Florence, as they say, became the cradle of the Renaissance. Anna Maria the last of the Medici, bequeathed her assets and art collection to the city on the banks of the river Arno, which she loved.

Today, Florence is a successful economic and commercial power. Its fashion designers obtained inernational fame with brands like Pucci, Gucci and Ferragamo and every year several million tourists visit the city to see Michelangelo's David, the Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore or the Uffizi Musem. While doing so they dive into the dolce vita, the "sweet life", pamper themselves with culinary highlights, drink excellent wine and marvel at the beautiful landscape surrounding this city. Florence is a gem with incomparable value and a city which proudly maintains its precious inheritance.

Benvenuti a Firenze!
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