The happiest city in the world
Copenhagen is a picturesque, lively city, and is blessed with many lakes and waterways. The harbor with its colorful houses and cozy cafes is so idyllic that few can resist taking pictures. Looking around it is no surprise that year after year the Danes get voted happiest people in the world.

In the winter months the city gets cold and dreary. It is time to get cozy inside. Throughout the city, windows are now lit up with the warm light of candles and lamps. It is the time when "hygge" can be felt everywhere. A warm and cozy atmosphere which is deeply rooted in the Danish tradition and lifestyle. As spring finally arrives and the days get longer, locals begin to stream outside again. Cafes and restaurants shift their operations to terraces and sidewalks, prepared with cuddly blankets for cooler days. Life is taking place outside again, in the city's parks, the lakes and canals, in the harborside pools and on countless terraces and patios.

Copenhagen not only offers many cultural highlights with its many points of interest and museums. Its magnificent landscape with its many waterways, the colorful houses and the beautiful neighborhoods, each in its own way unique, seem to put a magical spell on visitors.

Many lovely stores, stylish boutiques and design shops invite you to a shopping spree throughout the city districts. Be sure not to miss the many culinary adventures the city has in store for you. Excellent restaurants, cozy cafes with world class coffe, and amazing streetfood lay at your feet.

Velkommen til København!

Image 2,3©Astrid Maria Rasmussen, Copenhagen Media Center;
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