TABLEAU auf der Mailänder Design Woche
TABLEAU proudly presents FUNCT FEAST IMMORALE at Milan Design Week 2023

The show runs from April 17th - April 21th at Immorale IMMORALE restaurant, Osé via Tadino 43

TABLEAU is creating a dining table for the gods. A place where dinner dreams come true.
FUNCT FEAST IMMORALE is an abbreviation for Functional Feast. You are invited to experience a visual party where colour, texture, materiality, form and function rule at the iconic restaurant IMMORALE in Milan during Milan Design Week.

Different artists and designers have created pieces that fit in to a restaurant setup and works as functional art. It will be a visual
pleasure for the eye and a feast for the lovers of functional art. TABLEAU works primarily with functional art and design, thus the wish to celebrate this classification of objects by putting it in a restaurant suiting the setting of IMMORALE in central Milan.
The term functional art and design describes art objects that are usable and have a function. They are objects that besides their intended utilitarian purpose, are designed and crafted with aesthetics in mind, almost as display pieces that are often crafted and not mass produced. Today, this can vary from just furniture or homeware to details like doorknobs.
This is a slightly overlooked category, but just as collectible as any other form of art and display worthy. One of the biggest contributors to the blurring of lines between functional and fine art (or high art), was the school of BAUHAUS, where artists like Kandinsky and Klee both taught with this aim as part of the school’s program and ideology. Shortly after, MOMA was one of the first institutions to open an architecture and design department, and by doing this it recognized the importance and growth of functional art. But functional art goes way further in human history, if we take into consideration the fact that even as early as in prehistoric times men and women were decorating the pottery they made with drawings and graphical motifs.

Quelle: TABLEAU, Copenhagen